Colemans Cider Company

Our Ciders and Apple Juices

All our craft ciders, which are made in small batches using freshly pressed apple juice and other locally sourced fruits, contain no artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives or flavourings. In fact all we add is yeast and a little sugar to sweeten our ciders.

Our strong environmental principles mean that we aim to use fruit that would otherwise go to waste, swapping apples for cider or apple juice with local communities as well as buying juice from established commercial producers who share our view of the world.

Our ciders consist of three main ranges. The first is our original core cider range, crafted using 100% Yorkshire apples and pears. We have been producing our ‘Eastern Counties‘ style Dry, Medium and Sweet ciders since we started in 2015. The following year we added our Pear cider made using 50% Yorkshire pears & 50% Yorkshire apples. In 2017 we started producing our own ‘West Country’ style Special Reserve Cider using only cider varieties of apples from Yorkshire.

Our second range consists of ‘local fruit’ ciders. We began producing our first batch of Rhubarb cider in 2016 after being offered an abundance of local Rhubarb. The success of this product encouraged us to develop a broader range of fruit ciders, all using locally sourced fruits and made to the same standards we had set for our core cider range. Although we are constantly developing new varieties our current range includes Rhubarb, Damson, Elderflower, Rose (strawberry or raspberry depending on fruit availability) and Sloe.

The third range, which is new for 2019 is our single variety range of ‘West Country’ style ciders made from the highest quality Hereford cider apples. We specifically chose an orchard that is family owned and only produces small quantities of fruit every year, in order to support an established orchard who had been suffering due to the move by big producers to source cheaper, larger quantities of juice from other parts of Europe. We have already introduced Dabinett and Michelin single variety ciders and in 2020 will be adding three more single variety Ciders. Keep checking back for details of their availability.

We also offer a pure, fresh, preservative free apple juice for those who like something a little softer.

And don’t forget our entire range of drinks are Vegan, Gluten free, 100% natural and have no added preservatives.

You can come and see for yourself at our Cider Unit at
2 Twydale Business Park, Skerne Road, Driffield.