At Colemans Cider Co. we are committed to producing real, craft Yorkshire Ciders of the highest quality, with a range that incorporates the great variety of locally sourced fruits to be found in God’s own County.

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Our ciders are available in three main ranges, each with their own unique characteristics.

Yorkshire Cider Range

Yorkshire Cider Range

Our first and original Yorkshire Cider range is crafted using solely locally sourced apples and pears. We have been producing these Eastern Counties style, Dry, Medium and Sweet ciders since we started in 2015. The following year we added Pear Cider to the range, made using 50% pears and 50% apples.

In 2017 we added a West Country style Special Reserve Cider, using recognised Cider varieties of apples from a local Orchard in the East Riding.

All our ciders are made over time by natural fermentation from wild and champagne yeast, without any additives or preservatives and are pasteurised to give a purer finish. They are also gluten-free, Vegan and low sugar.

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Fruit Cider Range

Fruit Cider Range

The second range we developed is our selection of fruit ciders which started with our first batch of Rhubarb cider in 2016.

After finding a market for fruit ciders, we continued developing the range and now have a range of 5 fruit ciders which includes, Rhubarb, Damson, Elderflower, Sloe and a Rosé which is made from a variety of red berries depending on the availability and the season.

We make our fruit ciders from pure fruit cordial, made by simply steaming the fruit for a 100% natural product which is then added back to our Easter Counties style cider.

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Single Variety Cider Range

Single Variety Cider Range

Our third range, which was introduced in 2018 to develop a more refined cider, is our single variety range which is made in Yorkshire using juice which is sourced from a well known, traditional small cider apple grower in Hereford.

As a small producer ourselves we wanted to find a fellow producer who shared our ethics in wanting to maintain a non-commercial approach to producing a craft cider, made over time from real apple juice, rather than the more mainstream ciders made from sugar laden concentrates by forced fermentation.

We currently have five different single variety ciders with Dabinett, Michelin, Katy, Somerset Redstreak and Browns. Each one catering for a different palate.

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