Success for Colemans in the Sisga 2020 Online Sidres de Gala

Colemans Cider Co. were delighted to be recognise for five of their ciders at the SISGA 2020 Awards, which took place over four days during October in Xixón in Spain. This was the 10th International Cider Gala, making it the longest-running in Spanish territory.

Each year, new varieties of ciders are introduced to the market, and the SISGA Awards currently recognise eighteen categories for their awards.

The pandemic meant that a restricted number of people could take part in person, and social distancing and mask wearing was observed – but that didn’t stop the international jury of distinguished judges from selecting their winners from a total of 355 ciders from 72 places, including the USA, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Latvia, Poland, South Africa and, of course, England.

Colemans Cider Awards

A Premium, Gold, Silver and Bronze winner were chosen for each category and Colemans Cider Co. received the following distinctions:

Dry Cider Reserve SILVER

Medium Cider SILVER

Elderflower Cider SILVER

Dry Cider BRONZE

Damson Cider BRONZE