Our Values

Environmental Sustainability:

As a Company we endeavour to always have as little impact on our environment as possible. We run a bottle return policy with a discount against your next purchase, we recycle all cardboard and plastics used, and we do not use any harsh chemicals in the production or cleaning process.

All our cider is made from apples sourced from either local gardens and orchards, maintaining a low journey to the production unit, or established orchards with their own high level of environmental and social responsibility.

Our apple waste, also known as Pomace, is sent to a local farm to be used as animal feed. All our ciders are Vegan, Gluten free, include no added sulphites and are 100% natural with no artificial flavours or colours.


Pressing apples for cider


The local Community is extremely important to us. Without them, we would not be able to produce our ‘Yorkshire’s Own’ range of Fruit Ciders.

We take apples and fruits from the community and give a percentage of juice or Cider in return. This ensures that apples that would otherwise go to waste are used, and it means people benefit from getting a product made from their own fruits.




Value for Money:

Picking apples for cider

Being lovers of Cider and the social environment within which it is usually enjoyed, we understand the value of a reasonably priced pint.

To this end Colemans Cider Co. are committed to keeping our prices as low as we possibly can, given the cost of production, and this is reflected in a lower price when you come directly to us.

Be it to take away or to enjoy in our Cider Bar you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.